Friday, September 15, 2006

Terror - the new face of inhumanity

Every minute brings in apprehension. There's a vague feeling of vigilant anticipation that somewhere, something is being hatched out to disturb the unsettling sense of peace we are used to in today's world. Perpetual life on tenterhooks has made us comfortably numb in reacting to these heart-wrenching incidents - bomb explosions killing innocent people, most sophisticated weapons being used to carry out mass murders in select destinations of the world. The discomfort grows by leaps and bounds as we hear of an explosion in a distant town or city. The only sense of relief is when you know that none of your kith and kin are injured/killed in the incident. But what about those who continue to lose their lives for no fault of theirs? Mourning the victims and carrying on with our lives as if nothing ever happened...this seems to be a dangerous trend, an apparent sense of irresponsibility to our 'present' could make us pay double the price in future (forgetting these incidents is a hint of passive submission).

Are we getting used to 'adjusting' with such macabre acts of disloyalty to humankind, accepting them as just another kind of unavoidable banes of present socio-political set up? Terrorism is a modern day evil that can be countered only by condemning, controlling and preventing any potential act of planned annihilation. Otherwise, daily news of death, destruction and other devastating incidents will make us more immune to the unending agonies inflicted by the professional destroyers of social peace. I'm sure none of us would like our future generations to remember their past only in terms of dates: 9/11 or 22/7 or 7/7 and so on...

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