Thursday, January 07, 2010


Thin sheets of coloured papers
Transformed into
Wondrous pieces of colourful craft
Purple, pink and pale green
Red, blue, white and yellow
Like pieces flying from the rainbow
A colour for each emotion

And a colour for each reason
Like my aspirations
Flying high, flying low, flying even
Blown by gentle breeze and strong winds
Gliding, sailing and soaring new heights.

Amazing artifacts!
Don’t they look like pictures of human imagination
Framed with thin bamboo strips
Fragile but strong with courage and determination
Shaped by hopes, desires, beliefs, convictions
As if telling stories
Of thoughts, actions, dreams, promises and failures
Of hits and misses striking a balance
As they rise higher and raise my hopes
Or plummet suddenly reminding me of a possible despair.

Look at the ones that are flying high
Rustling sound of crisp paper
Forming tiny specks of myriad hues
Some get tangled and some get cut
A flight cut short, perhaps a reminder
Of how we clash, win or lose
How we give in to ego, envy or other emotions

I let my ambitions soar as high as the kite I fly
The string that it’s tied to is as strong as my will
The sky is where I look for my limits
I hold it tightly
Then I loosen my grip
Alternating between…
Seeking control.

Ethereal creations!
Will you be my guide to fanciful flights?
In a new world beyond the clouds and cosmic realities
Where I become a child all over again
Fascinated by the world of fairies with magic wands
Excited about fulfilling my wishes and wants
As you carry my message
Beyond the bright blue and white clouds.