Thursday, September 04, 2014

For my pre-school teacher, who taught me to write right

You held my hand and helped me hold a pencil
Taught me to write the alphabet and the numbers
Thus began my journey into the world of knowledge
As I learned by asking, seeking and questioning
And I discovered by reading, listening and watching
Today, when I'm able to write a thousands of words
I often try to go back to pre-school days
And try to remember your name...
As I grew up, many subjects got added
But what you taught me never got faded
For every subject, writing was the medium
While adding, multiplying, dividing or subtracting
While describing, narrating or answering
If science needed reports to be written
History, civics and geography had their share of write-ups
My writing skills improved of the years
And I was happy to be trying creative, reflective pieces

And when some of them got published, I was elated
To see that I could write something more than the essays
That test your knowledge and comprehension in exams
Then came the phase where I got critical feedback on what I wrote
My writing was reviewed and assessed by fellow professionals
You'd have been happy to see me becoming an author
Today, in my free time when I write
It's my way to connect, express and share
You may have faded into oblivion
But what you taught me had remained as a precious gift
The story that started with a slate and a pencil
May have moved beyond a pen and a paper
To a laptop, a mobile device and a fancy gadget
Whatever be the medium, your teaching will be invaluable!