Tuesday, September 19, 2006

B-School learns Laloo's lingo

He's someone who never ceases to fascinate me. A crafty politician , an admirable leader of one of the most backward states of our country, Laloo has always had something 'mystic' about his meteoric rise to political stardom. Whatever be his pros and cons he's someone who cannot be ignored.

This time he was in the limelight for his visit to IIM Ahmedabad. Apparently, this was his first tete-a-tete with the elite crowd at this prestigious institution. For media, this was an invitation to demystify the 'aura' of being Laloo from a very different aspect of his personality. Not a single TV channel or newspaper missed this opportunity to cover the event when he would address the future business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers of urban India. It must be quite a contrast, imagine Laloo representing the rustic and rural 'Bharat' generously giving his fundas on managing Bharatiya Rail to these sophisticated, suave, albeit supercilious group who are smugly convinced about lessons from their management gurus.

What struck me in this whole episode is that Laloo as a phenomenon is grossly underestimated about his vision and potential, of course his charisma can get his crowds but it takes sheer conviction and grit and to sustain it for long. Only Laloo can aptly extend the metaphor of milking a cow as a management mantra for getting the best out of railway insfrastructure. It's time for all b-school grads to watch out for more from this biz savvy cowboy. For more details visit:

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