Monday, August 28, 2006

Power of one: Alone is not lonely

Being alone is not being lonely. It's like being with oneself, rediscovering and getting to know oneself better. I've tried many a things to overcome the emotional turmoil of losing him. I don't know if anyone else can ever fill the vacuum left by my father.
One has to learn and I know it'll be very difficult. Mostly, I'm by myself - pondering - being inquisitive about things to come - how as a family, we will fill the void.
Listening to music that he was fond of, makes me choke and fills my eyes with tears. Everything in the house is connected with him and especially the table in the bedroom. That radio and those books and so many other things.
Writing about him makes me feel light - it's like emotional unburdening for me.
How else do sensitive people unveil what's there in their minds, what is troubling them...I'm lucky to have a close-knit family. Shreya, my little niece will help me cope with every thing.

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