Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fifth Anniversary at Srisairam Manor

Today I complete five years at Srisairam Manor Apartments. Memorable years! More because this is the first place where I stayed beyond 4+ years eversince I moved out of CIEFL campus after my father's retirement. Feels good because I know I've a place that'll, after few years, be my own. Not to mention that these five years seem to have fleetly fled. It really feels as if we just entered here couple of years ago.

Just remembered those years when I was inviting queries about when I'd "settle down" ... getting this flat was my way to settle "up" in life and live it to the full!!! (BTW, there can be no real "settling down" as no private job gives you the stability and security of being in the same place all your life). And I wonder how can one ever "settle down" in any other sense of the term? How can someone be so certain when there are so many struggles and unsettling experiences as we move ahead, do our best on the way to realize our dreams! And this flat has seen me live my dreams, be a part of me in highs, lows and mediums. Just remembered the stressful time I had finalizing this flat and then till the loan got approved, those anxious moments. Just recollected the day when my parents saw this flat for the first time...that nice feeling after having climbed the stairs of six floors when the lift was not fixed as the building was still under construction.

With time we all age- so has my dwelling, it's high time I got it re-painted, it's high time I did proper caring; there are so many pending things about my home, I think I haven't been to dedicate myself there , but I know I will, very soon!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Stopping by… Remembering Robert Frost

Remembering Frost
There are loads of things I need to do
Domestic chores keep bothering me
From cleaning the dust to changing curtains
From buying things to getting things done
The clutter on the table is piling up
Some Post-Its on the wall have gone
Some new ones have come up
I’m scared of looking into the deep
The to-do list is getting longer
Writing is an endeavour
That demands everything of me
My mind, body and soul
All come together
As the thoughts come and go
Lines become paragraphs
Paragraphs turn into pages
Profoundly remembering Frost
I’ve lines to compose before I sleep
I’ve lines to write before I sleep

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Past, present and future
If past was in the past
What about the present that's linked to the past
If future is still unknown
What about the present that'll impact the future
When future is known, it no longer remains future
It becomes either present or past
If present is now
What about past that was yesterday
What about future that'll be tomorrow
Worry about present and not past
Worry about present and not future
What about past that was today's yesterday
What about future that'll be today's tomorrow
Is past something really over and done with?
A matter of lost control
Future can't be in control
For it's unknown
So, look at present
Look at present in the way it connects with past
Look at present in the way it builds the future
Hold what is firmly
Between what was and what'll be
Present is NOW
THEN is over
WHEN is yet to come
NOW is what we have!