Thursday, November 19, 2009

Latest from Shreya

Shreya has picked up words like "e-learning", "Design" and "Storyboard" :)) And she proudly says she knows the shortform for storyboard; I always write it as "stbd" and once she asked me what it means. Hats off to the observing power of little kids!
And she tells me I write only about these words and not stories like she does about "cheat jackal and clever rabbit".
P.S: I got to know that she learnt about storyboards in the school, here's one I saw her illustrating by reading the description.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Children's Day

Shreya and Maansi were out on some children's day shopping at City Center Mall. They participated in the painting competition at Max on the occasion of children's day. Sad, I missed seeing them perform live... Good that their masterpieces were captured on mobile phone by Krupa. Here they are: