Monday, March 21, 2016

The tree and the bulldozer

When I moved into my new flat two years ago
All I could see was a beautiful rockscape at a distance, with many shrubs
And closer home were a few lush green trees
Abode of several birds and a source of shade for many 
I made friends with the one closest to my balcony

This green friend could calm my nerves; as I admired her verdance
She gave all that she could to the needy; for she had so much in abundance
How could I forget an evening when someone lit the firewood underneath 
And prepared a meal as his truck as parked next to her?

As the place became a hotspot for development, all I could hear 
were trucks, tractors, tippers, cranes, bulldozers
How could the trees fend for themselves?
My heart ached to see some of them getting razed to ground
I felt helpless listening to them trampling down
But I was sure that no one will touch my friend
As that piece of land never seem to be in rush for development

Everyday I would make sure to see that no bulldozer was parked near her
As if I could control her destiny
The tree was promptly cut into half

The other half stood lifeless
The plot of land was marked with lines
The architects did their job, fine!

I thought they had some genuine love for green 
As I did see them leave some space near the remaining part of the tree

The bulldozer has a heart, I thought
For it only dug and shoved and its teeth never touched the tree
All monsters can't be so cruel, I consoled myself
But again, that was not to be!

That evening when I returned home
I saw the tree fighting against the mighty razor
When the blades were biting her trunk
When the wheels were crushing her branches, stems and leaves
I could hear only a cry!

And that was my own cry
At the helplessly vulnerable moment of mine
When I saw my mute friend whine
And breathe those lost moments in close confine...
I was the sole witness to a murder in daylight

How easy it is to kill a tree
And why should the killer go scot-free?
Why is it not considered a sin?
And if it can ever be purged 
Then, plant at least five trees for every tree that's killed!