Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why blogging is serious fun! What I gained from 10 years of blogging

If it hadn’t been for Blogger I wouldn’t have been able to look back at myself, think, laugh, cry, remember, relate and recollect and well…. relive the good, forget the bad and ignore what needs to be ignored. It need not be greatly composed stuff, with wonderful words, creative sentences and flawless grammar and a great display of blogging skills and other blah-blah. Personal blogs are the best tools for spontaneous, natural and authentic self- expressions and  for engaging with people around us. That’s how simple it is – the joy of blogging!

It’s not about counting the number of 'likes', 'comments' or 'shares' on Social Media or even monetizing…blogging is just fun if it’s taken in the right sense and if it is done the right way, in the right spirit. And the best thing about it is there’s no ONE right way:)

It’s left to us how what we want to write, what interests us and believe me it really helps. Wondering how? I’ve gained from blogging in so many ways, if this is an indication of my unconcealed joy of writing and being connected with people, places and the happenings:
  • Helps me in being the real me: sharing my anxieties, hopes, aspirations, fears…
  • Express myself in ways that come naturally to me - even without rhyme or reason
  • Enriched my personal diary by turning it into a delightful digital space
  • Record, document and share those little things our lives are made of
  • Keeps me engaged with hobbies and pursue work-life balance
  • Makes me want to write about those crazily simple things 
  • Helps me relax and recharge after those madly rushed hours
  • Brings the smile back reading the old stuff
  • Makes me really laugh out loud when I translate and read my posts in other languages 
  • Makes me become a better observer and writer and reflect on what’s going on
  • Helps in understanding, discovering and knowing myself better
  • Keeps me excited with new editing tools for pictures, collages and videos
  • Got me continuous cheering from friends and kept me motivated to write
  • Try different things without inhibitions – a bit of poetry and humor as well J
  • Gave me a voice in raising issues and bringing them to the notice of authorities
  • Tells me to live the moment as it is without being critical about it
  • Helped me attempt different ways to write about different things
  • Most important, it tells me that I need not be 'perfect' and shouldn't be over-critical 
When I look at the blog archives it seems more like a writing-graph showing the peaks and troughs closely linked with moments, ranging between high excitement to write like a compulsive blogger and those lethargic jottings that remained on my mobile phone or on note pads and never made it to being a blog post. So much like the ups and downs in any activity that makes it real, credible, natural, organic and from the heart.

Thank you Blogger! You have been my creative companion in myriad moments - in glory and in gloom - and I will certainly continue to inhabit this wonderful digital space and keep on going even when the going gets tough.