Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Coping with tough times

How do we cope with tough times? How do we expect and hope against despair? How and why do people go through this terrible phase when they can't save their loved ones from the jaws of the inevitable.
I have so many questions; wish someone could answer all of them!
I always loved writing. It's been such a wonderful hobby to express myself and share my experiences.
Today, I'm unable to write anything positive and hopeful.
Today, I can only think of a tomorrow when his condition will worsen and become more painful.

This blog of mine should give me courage and comfort and be my companion through the thick and thin of living. I do hope I'll have lots of happy and positive and cheerful things to share and write about. I really hope my writing will reflect my being, my fears, my hopes and anxieties.

I don't think anybody will have time to listen to what I wish to say, what I feel and what I aspire for...everyone is so busy these days. So, what better way than jotting down all that I want to say and keep a record of sorts. Already, I'm feeling good after writing this short piece of random thoughts and wild reckonings.

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