Saturday, June 17, 2017

When regular becomes boring

Often, the regular becomes boring
And the normal gets tiresome
And we long for something exciting
Should something exciting always be a BIG thing?
Need not be, right?
Small changes in our routine
Simple tweaks in the mundane
A bit of variation in the regular
Can be so much fun!

Like trying the road never taken
And driving without Google maps
And advice, for a while:)

Like going on a holiday
And not taking any pictures
Like watching a movie in an unknown language without subtitles
Like reading a book backwards
Like wearing a colour that was never you!
Like sketching a self-portrait
Of 'me -when I was a kid'
Like ....
There is no end to things we could do to beat the all-too-familiar
And the regular!
A bit of discomfort
A bit of uncertainty
A bit of unknown
A bit of insanity
Bring so much colour and spice
In the otherwise regular life!

The puris in the picture were a part of a festival lunch I prepared when I wanted a colourful platter to break the boredom of other regular, predictable items on the menu. It was like a quick hack to make the meal a bit more interesting!

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