Thursday, June 15, 2017

The unveiling

Does each morning bring a new surprise?
Any surprise, by definition is new
If is it already seen, isn't it deja vu
Then it’s not a surprise

Some mornings bring pleasant surprises
Like this morning, in the midst of a green veil
The sight of this lovely Butterfly Pea
Or Shankhapushpa flower
Just peeping out and untwining itself
With shades of cobalt, indigo, hues of blue

A moment of self-unveiling 
To watch it bloom and unravel 
Disentangling from the creeper 
with a push from the gentle breeze
And it gets its way with good ease

Is unveiling a natural thing?
Does one have to wait to be unveiled?
There’s a lot of beautiful stuff 
That gets unveiled everyday
A hidden flower or a hidden thought
A hidden talent or a hidden act
Any hidden good thing for that matter
Discovering, observing and unveiling
Isn't it much needed for our well-being!

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