Friday, August 07, 2015

Celebrating the warp, the weft and the weave

Hands that dream designs
Hands that weave magic
Come together
Create patterns, motifs
In silk, cotton
Or different threads
And connect us all far and wide
The fabric that can never divide
Mangalagiri to Panipat
Maheshwari or Baluchari
The shared heritage
And wealth of designs
That recreates India
Multihued and multilayered
Filled with a million dreams!

The warp and the weft
Make sure nothing is left
As they
Weave a thread up and a thread down
Skilled hands master the loom
To create stories of yore
Like they never did before
Blending the traditional with the modern
Let's make sure that this art lives on forever
Giving the artisans their means of living
Like the threads that weave a tale
Handloom needs our support to pick up a sale
Visit online or a shop close by
Pick up a handloom and wear it
Or adorn the interiors of your home
Even better, gift a handloom
To make the industry bloom!

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