Saturday, July 25, 2015

A slice of Hyderabad: Citylights and nightscapes

Thank God for small mercies! This is what I tell myself when I go for my regular  evening walks on the terrace; it's such a blessing to feel refresh after a tiring day that's been terribly sultry, the humidity that builds up during the monsoon...And the quietness of the evening that is soon turning into night leaves you meditating, reflecting and preparing yourself for the next day. Isn't it so much better than being close doors with the AC on.
This time, the typical Friday evening turned out to be such fun and that too absolutely unexpected. When I started observing how soon the landscape around my apartments is changing, I wanted to capture some moments and preserve these memories, with my Sony Experia camera. And, for the first time, I felt filters really added aesthetic value to my clicks.
Here's a view of the construction project next with people on work 24X7X365.
 A construction project in full blast...not to mention the rock blasting that keeps us on tenterhooks!
 Ramky towers and its surroundings:
 Outer ring road at a distance:
 Meenakshi IT park:

 Meenakshi IT park phase 1:
 Flowers on our terrace:

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