Saturday, February 21, 2015

When your pizza is delivered to a wrong address...

It was exactly like living a scene straight from the movie "Lunchbox". The only difference is that instead of the Mumbai dabbawala, it was the pizza delivery guy who was at the center of this drama in real life.

After a tiring Friday at work, none of us had the energy to cook a meal. So it was pizza for dinner.The delivery was unusally prompt after placing the order...but not to the person  who ordered it.

We get a call from the security at the main gate "madam, pizza delivery has come..." "Ok, send him in," was my reply.

It normally takes about 5 minutes for the guy to reach our apartment block. Hunger makes the wait seem longer:) But, it was almost 20 minutes and there was no sign of the delivery person. We were wondering...was it the confusion with the block names and numbers, since all the blocks have the same flat number.

We were wondering what went wrong or how could he lose his way in finding our block.
The goes a call to the security from our intercom line "what happened to the pizza guy who was supposed to deliver..." "He's gone back after the delivery, madam", prompt came his reply from the security.

"What?, how could he deliver it somewhere else without coming to the right address?" This was really incredible, how could someone take delivery of something when they haven't ordered it. We tried to find out who is character could someone be as blatant as Saajan/Irfan Khan in "Lunchbox", devouring someone else's food without even placing an order for it! We were imagining how they must relishing that hot and steamy Veg Extravagana and the garlic bread. But, fun apart, it was time to take Dominos to task, for it was almost an hour of the entire ordeal.

Then, we called the Dominos guys to find out what really happened. We came to know that the pizza was delivered in one of the flats. We tried to track the address from the security. 

The Dominos guys too found it weird and questioned the delivery boy who was actually responsible for this comedy or errors. They did not want us to cancel the order , but re-sent the delivery, this time with a different delivery boy!

Next time Dominos asks you " Hungry kya..." please think twice before you place the order, or at least confirm that the delivery guy can ensure that it goes to the right person.

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