Thursday, February 19, 2015

When Spring comes can Summer be far behind?

My city is fast warming up
With early signs of summer
As the days get longer
Mercury soars faster

This evening has been pleasant
And, an unusual one at that

The last bits of Spring
Got the trees and plants swaying
Gently in the cool breeze
The skies seem clear of dust
Unfolding a starry panorama.

I stare at the skies
I gaze at the stars
Some shining bright
Others little light
Little ones twinkling
As if someone's blinking
Or with mischief, winking
Wondering what I was thinking.

My thoughts went far and wide
Felt I wish I could confide
As a child would never hide
Innocence and happiness, at the same time
While seeking the lost ones in shining stars
And finding the one you loved most in the brightest star!

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