Saturday, December 06, 2014

Sunrise and sunset on a wintry day

Every sunrise
Is a new beginning
That doesn’t end, with sunset
For, the setting sun rises again
With a new strength regain’d
As the sun journeys
From the east to the west
And never does he rest.
Watching the sunrise is such a fest!

Emerging from the verdant shades
Like a tiny orange that is ripe n fresh
Then, with the sparkle of a diamond
The skyscape fills with strokes of rays - golden, bright n brilliant
Overpowering and overwhelming
The blues and grays of a winter morning
Through the thick blankets of fog
Gently appearing from a misty veil
Inspiring, invigorating and reassuring
As the sun moves, so does the clock
Today turns into tomorrow
Today becomes yesterday.
With the setting sun
A new life has begun
In another part of the world
As the rays of the blazing sun
Turn the bright gold to soothing amber
As if the flame is doused
And then it gets aroused
Only to cheer up another life in another land
So what if the sun has set
And my goals aren’t yet met
The sun will rise again
And from my goals I never refrain.


Vasundhara Desai (Deshpande) said...

Very well written Madhuri..very positive..

Madhuri Dubey said...

Thanks Vasundhara :)