Saturday, December 13, 2014

On a drippy-droppy, drizzly December weekend

Unseasonal drizzles and rains are fun, coming at the most unexpected times. Unlike the typical nip in the air at this time of the year, last few days in Hyderabad have been cloudy, misty and drizzly. Though I made it a point to enjoy the most of it by driving a little early to office, the regret remained! Watching beautiful skies from the huge glass windows in office often gave me a 'miles-to-go-before-I-sleep' feeling! Hence, it left me craving for more!

Such a lucky thing to have the same weather continue over the weekend. That too, on a day when one is determined to stay indoors for some absolute solitary moments confined to the balconies and the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood that are missed during the weekdays. I'm happy I resisted the urge to go out and get around facing the same vehicles, the same roads and the same shops. And some times it's good not to catch up and deliberately delay some things that need your attention, right? Well, that was the spirit of the day. A quick look at the newspaper and Raghuram Rajan in the headlines: "Make for India" , ok, good, he is talking about the repercussion of the make in India slogan...will read it later, I told myself. Then, a
quick web browse and checking FB: the same Shenaz Treasurywala is trending all over media and social media; well, let's hope she got enough audience for her movie thanks to her sudden and suspect opening-up and concern about some disturbing issues concerning women's safety. A quick catch-up with upcoming PK and reading the interview with Raj Kumar Hirani was worth the time. Leaving aside the same-same things that happen everyday I tried to look for the different in the sameness and here are some precious memories from the day:
  • Waking up to the gentle, pleasantly chill breeze and experiencing it all around gave a new twist to the most boring of the daily chores
  • Cloudy, hill-station like climate that created a zen-like feeling, made it even more peaceful
  • Brewing the ginger tea in such a weather filled the space with a freshly energetic aroma that no room freshener could bring
  • Waited for the sun to rise and shine for some dramatic pictures but the reluctant sun was seen for hardly a moment
  • The cloudy sky presented a still backdrop an a perfect canvas where I could imagine and paint the pictures of my fancy
  • The dusty mint leaves in the pot turned fresh and green with a whiff of misty air and fine drizzle
  • The brown patches of newly mowed grass waited early to be watered and cared to turn into a green carpet
As the daylight dims and darkness envelops, the lingering feeling of a day well-spent makes me go back to the book I started reading yesterday; something I need to complete for an important task at work. Now, of course with a fresh outlook with some new ideas and options:)

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