Sunday, May 08, 2016

Escaping into the cloudscapes

When the skies refuse to remain blue
And when the sun refuses to get shrouded
When the amber simply pierces through
When the greys mix with golden hues
Nothing can stop the nature's site
From getting painted and annotated
With many colourful moods and musings.

It was one such evening on my terrace 
When I wandered lonely as a cloud
Invoking Wordsworth, Keats and Shelley
To accompany my romantic escapades 
Into the clouds.

My cloud journey captured as a movie

The tempestuous twirl of my tense mind
Matched perfectly with the colours of thunder
As the greys got greyer and swallowed the blue
I could relate to the tangled truths
And troubling questions with turbulent cues
While the serene blues made way for darker clouds
My feet suddenly dropped on ground
I could feel the soot and dust around
That soon turned into a thunderstorm.

As the celestial spectacle unfolded
The stressful heart contested with the speed of lightening
There I was, trying to untwine
And surrender myself to the mood of nature!
Then it cooled, rained and poured
As the drops soaked me head to toe
As if to pacify and soothe my racing mind
Telling me to gather, compose and be calm
As the clouds will soon fall in line
And the silver lining is yet to be drawn!

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Kavitha said...

Wow!! Subtle and superb! Loved reading it