Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our Cabbies make it to F1

Very soon Hyderabad can boast of another feat - our cabbies making it big at F1 , F2 or F3 and similar racing events. Forget Shumacher and our very own Karthikeyan. Here we have a vast brigade of dare devils who can maneuver into narrowest lanes with nothing less than 50-60 kmph. Some of them can even overtake you from any side of your vehicle at 60-70 kmph, that too during peak traffic hours. And on relatively empty roads, voila! Nothing less than a 80-100 kmph. Do we call them rash and negligent? Certainly not, at such great speeds they never forget to 'warn' you flashing those high-beam headlights any time of day or night, from opposite side of the road or from the rear view. If you don't know how to take care of your vehicle it's your fate and luck.

Sad, our government has not recognized their talent. It has always seen them as threats on the roads and issued them warnings. We simply cannot afford such a gross underestimation of talent, especially at a time when we have no great achievements in international sports and games. Why can't the government directly send them to international racing events. They don’t even need any investment in training, grooming, coaching. One look at them and you know how aggressive they are, their body language speaks volumes about how determined they are to make it to their destination, at any cost. And look at the returns; we haven’t made it big in either tennis or cricket but we are sure to reign the world when it comes to cars. Just imagine headlines like: Cabbies from Hyderabad clinch all racing titles. Our city will have a stream of Ferraries, Volvoes and Peugeuts, thanks to the rewards they will earn in global competition.

Next time you encounter such driving, please note the number and put in a word with organizers of racing events. Just think about how many champions we can brag about - now that we have neither Sania nor Sachin on our side.

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